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Royal Priesthood

Royal Priesthood is a collaborative studio album by independent recording artists Prince J+R and Nick Walker. The album features production from Slowchestra Music, Rose Gold Beats, Zero, DopeBoyzMuzic and Encore. Recording sessions took place at The Gallery Recording Studio in Hawthorne, NJ and began in November 2020 with all tracks mixed and mastered by Leff Way. 

Expanding on the signature and iconic music/production styles of both Prince J+R and Nick Walker, Royal Priesthood incorporates hip hop, R&B, reggae, gospel, orchestral, alternative pop and progressive rock influences, along with unconventional samples and theatrical melodies in its sound. The messages and powerful meanings behind the song concepts and lyrics exhibit themes of faith, identity, power and purpose as well as spiritual context. 

The album also showcases both Prince J+R and Nick Walker’s creative range in ways that have never been heard nor seen before. Both artists express themselves through pain, vulnerability and confidence without any filter or restraint. The album was released on April 4th, 2021, through Crown Entertainment Recordings. 

Official Royal Priesthood Album

Prince J+R

Artist, songwriter, producer and VISIONARY. From his innovative and timeless collective of music to his iconic and truly powerful visuals, Prince J+R has become a pop star in his own lane. The New Jersey native has signature artistic style, creative flare and a passion for art, entertainment and pop culture. Some of his musical influences include Michael Jackson, Jay-Z, Janelle Monae and Daft Punk. His debut album, 2018’s “IX Love Lives” introduced fans to his new sound, image and visual genius through his iconic singles and music videos like “Dopamine” and “Telenovela (Mi Amor)”. His sophomore album “The Perks of Being a Pop Star” (2020) featured his widely popular singles “Gone,” “Heart” and fan favorite, “The Dumb Song” which solidified him as THE “Prince of Popp.” As of 2021, Prince J+R has released 20 Music Videos, 2 Albums, 4 EPs and 12 singles. His most recent release is the collaborative studio album “Royal Priesthood” with recording artist Nick Walker which was made available April 4, 2021. 

Nick Walker

Nick Walker is a 27 year old music recording artist based out of New Jersey. Nick is a diversified artist who never limits himself to one skill, one sound, one look, or one craft. He is someone who goes against the grain, never wanting to box himself in. He is a trend-setter. A leader, and not a follower. Someone who isn’t swayed by the opinions of others. Nick is always striving to be the best version of himself. Whether that be in his music, life, or spirituality. His music varies from a wide range of sounds. From love songs, to gritty hip-hop songs, to turn up club bangers, to deep reflective music, and much more. Album’s, EP’s, and music videos. He does and has it all. His music is a reflection of self. Raw, real, and vulnerable. Any time you hear a Nick Walker record expect to be taken on a musical journey, down a road into a piece of his world. Into a piece of his life, and into a piece of his mind. His wish is to inspire people through his life example, his music, and his motivational videos. To share his life with others through his art in hopes that someone else can benefit from it, and relate to it. To make a positive impact on the world, and to bring people closer to God. To show others that you can do anything you put your mind to, no matter what obstacles you face. That anything is possible with God. Nick Walker is an Icon, a Superstar, and a Legend. He wants you to know that you are too. And to not let anyone tell you otherwise. God Bless.